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Mission Statement

Our Purpose

To form successful work relationships.


Our Mission Statement

Work is an essential necessity for our survival, but it can also be an experience that is fulfilling and meaningful.  Our jobs also define us as individuals and impact every aspect of our daily lives.

For many of us, the tasks required to find the job we want can be daunting and unattainable, and we often end up settling for a work experience that is unsuccessful for ourselves and our employers. We believe that the right recruitment process can play an integral role in attaining (1) the jobs we really deserve, and (2) the positive impact we want to make with our employer.   To make sure this happens, Matura Farrington is committed to truly understand the needs, values, and goals of those we serve and matching employers with employees to form successful work relationships.


Our Ethics, Values and Philosophy

Matura Farrington Staffing Services consists of ethical professionals who take pride in their work. As a Company, we achieve professional satisfaction from maintaining a set of standards that have been defined by us, and the leading association in our industry, The American Staffing Association. By maintaining these standards, we earn our clients’ trust.

Our clients are comprised of Los Angeles’ top law firms and corporations who demand of their staffing firms a set of ethics, standards, and values that are similar to their own. These include; (1) delivering the services promised in the initial stages, (2) providing accurate and reliable information requested by a client, (3) rectifying problems to the satisfaction of the client, and (4) standing by a client to meet their overall objectives in staffing – from the most basic of direct hire placements to the most demanding long-term, high volume temporary projects.

Our clients consistently tell us that we understand their needs and deliver the service they expect. We do not put our emphasis on marketing hype and promises. Our job is to match employers with employees to form successful work relationships. This can only be accomplished through accurately assessing and considering the needs of the parties involved and finding the balance. This sensitivity to the placement process is key to our success. It is an uncompromising commitment to the people and companies we represent.

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