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In light of the decreasing rates of COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations, Los Angeles County is relaxing its current mask mandate. Pursuant to the revised Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Order (the “Revised Order”), effective at 12:01 am on Friday, February 25, 2022, businesses may elect to allow workers, customers and guests who are fully vaccinated not to wear a mask if certain conditions are met.

The Los Angeles Department of Public Health describes the Revised Order as providing many employers and indoor businesses, including offices, bars and gyms with two options for easing mask requirements:


Option 1:  Employer Relaxes Mask Requirements for Employees (and customers & guest)

For this option, employers may choose to relax mask requirements for fully vaccinated workers, customers and guests, so long as certain conditions are met.

  • All workers, customers and visitors (ages 5 or older) need to show proof of full vaccination, or a recent negative viral test to enter the premises.
  • Individuals who show satisfactory proof of full vaccination do not need to wear a mask indoors.


Option 2:  Employer Requires Masks for Employees (but relaxed for customers & guest)

The second option is to continue to require workers to wear masks, but to allow fully vaccinated customers and guests not to wear masks, so long as certain conditions are met.

If an employer elects the second option, the conditions that must be met include the following:

  • All workers will continue to wear masks indoors.
  • Customers and guests who show satisfactory proof of full vaccination do not need to wear a mask indoors.


ALTERNATE – Option 3:  Employer Continues to Require Mask for all

The third option is for an employer to not elect either option, and instead may choose to continue to require all individuals to wear masks.


For Matura Farrington Staffing Services temporary employees working in Los Angeles County, this means that each work site where our employees are assigned will determine an option from the list above and our employees should comply with that option.  Our employees should also note that although their work site may choose Option 1 which relaxes face covering requirements for employees, our employees still have the right to continue to wear a face covering.  We prohibit retaliation against employees who choose to wear a mask or raise concerns about workplace safety.  Please note that Matura Farrington Staffing Services is continuing to provide N95 filtering facepiece respirator or KN95 to all employees upon request.

We understand that these regulations can be confusing and may create questions.  We are here to help guide our employees through this process.  If you have any questions or concerns about your work sites face covering policy or enforcement, please contact Stephanie Steele, Director of Compliance & HR with your specific questions:

Stephanie Steele

[email protected]

(213) 996-3726




Many California employers are in the process of mandating vaccinations for their employees.  These mandates also apply to temporary employees who are assigned to perform work for these employers.  Matura Farrington is carefully monitoring the status of our clients who are implementing mandatory vaccination policies.  If a Matura Farrington temporary employee is notified that their worksite has issued a mandatory vaccination policy, we ask our temporary employees to notify our Human Resources department so that we can assists with questions or concerns.  Matura Farrington will engage in the interactive process with any applicant or employee who requests an exemption for the COVID-19 vaccination due to a disability, medical condition, or a sincerely held religious belief and is seeking a reasonable accommodation.  All requests should be directed to the Matura Farrington Human Resources Department – Stephanie Steele:  [email protected] OR 213-996-3726.

For employees who are seeking vaccination information please go to: or call (833) 422-4255 to get a COVID-19 vaccine appointment or walk-in site near you.


Use the CDC’s VaccineFinderto find an appointment or walk-in site near you.  You can also check with your healthcare provider or local pharmacy.  Get vaccinated – it’s safe, effective, and free. Vaccination is the most important tool to end the COVID-19 pandemic. Every Californian 12 and up is now eligible for vaccination.



The health and well-being of our employees, vendors and office visitors is important to us. While many questions regarding the novel coronavirus remain unanswered at this time, there are practical, commonsense protocols that we have implemented to help make our office environment as safe as possible during the current pandemic.  The following guidelines will be implemented for all visitors to our office:

  1. All visitors must abide by our front door attestation regarding COVID-19
  2. The maximum visitors to the office at any given time is one
  3. No visitors are allowed beyond the reception area
  4. All visitors must wear face coverings when entering the office and will be provided one if they are unprepared
  5. Delivery personnel should only momentarily enter the front office for deliveries
  6. All visitors and candidates:
    • Must have an appointment
    • Must provide their name, phone number/email address for our guest log
    • Must come alone without any guests unless needed for an accommodation
    • May be asked to completed a health screening questionnaire and have their temperature taken
    • All visitors must abide by the 6 foot social distancing standard with our staff
    • Anyone who is or appears sick who enters the office will be asked to leave go home immediately


We have provided additional information regarding the coronavirus and COVID-19 for your benefit on the left menu.

Remember: communication with Matura Farrington about your work site is critical during the pandemic. If you have concerns, comments or suggestions about your work site and the coronavirus, please contact our human resources department immediately at 213-996-3726 or [email protected].


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