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Executive Search Solutions

How do you find the best talent to lead your key divisions within your company?

Many savvy business management professionals have strategic business plans in place. Still, many organizations continue to struggle with which executives or managers can create a plan, which can execute on one, or can deliver both. Knowing your organization needs a vision and a plan is only half the battle. The other half is finding and hiring top talent who can actually assist in achieving your goals. With so many businesses having the same needs, the demand for leadership is stronger and more important than ever.

The Executive Solutions division of Matura Farrington specializes in the placement of senior management legal professionals. These professionals include; Executive Directors, Human Resource Managers & Directors, CFO’s, Technology Managers, Legal Support Staff Managers, Controllers, Directors of Administration, Branch Office Administrators, Office Managers, Marketing and Business Development Directors, and more.

Why Matura Farrington Staffing Services?

Since 1994, Matura Farrington has proven to be the legal industry’s leading staffing firm in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our specialized recruiters are the best in the industry. Our recruitment team possesses over 50 years of combined experience. The professional contacts we have established are long standing and our network is vast due to the many years each recruiter has spent establishing and cultivating individual relationships with top legal professionals. Moving forward into this challenging business cycle our clients face, we are fully committed to continuing to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients and our candidates in order to fulfill our purpose of providing valuable recruiting experiences for all.

Strength in Numbers & Specialty Recruiters

Our staff of recruiters is comprised of both seasoned veterans and junior recruiters – all have earned our trust and respect.  Many of our recruiters joined our team as trainees.  By developing and training our own unique recruiters from “the ground up”, we ensure that our company’s recruiting standards and methodologies are established from the beginning of a new recruiter’s career.

Our method of recruiting is based on a specialist model. Our executive search recruiters have spent years dedicating themselves to developing these niches and building a network within each specialty area. The specific industry knowledge each recruiter possesses in their specialty be it accounting, IT, marketing or administration, ensures that our clients have access to the “who’s who” in the legal market today.

Comprehensive Recruiting Plans

Our executive search recruiting plans are targeted and comprehensive. When a job requisition comes in we tailor a recruiting plan specifically for our client. The database of candidates we have grown over the past 15 years allows us access to thousands of qualified legal professionals. In addition, the relationships we have with our clients and our candidates allow us access to confidential referrals other agencies simply do not have. We start with a high number of potential candidates and carefully narrow the search candidate by candidate. Hundreds of calls may go out on a search, but the resumes presented are only a select few. We believe in quality vs. quantity; we understand our assignment is to identify the most qualified candidates based on a clients criteria and chemistry match.

Active vs. Passive Candidates

It is a myth that all recruiters share the same pool of candidates. While many temporary agencies do share some of the same pool of unemployed applicants, this is not at all true when it comes to executive search. We are continuously prospecting and connecting with passive candidates. These are the candidates who are not working with multiple agencies and using job boards. We present our clients with a superior caliber of talent who are seeking an exclusive relationship with their recruiter to ensure professional representation along with confidentiality.

The Placement Equation

Our recruiters make it a point to fully understand not only a clients current needs, but also the firms culture. We believe that quality placements are made only when we really understand the needs and goals of both our clients and our candidates. Our commitment to building strong relationships with our clients allows us to fully understand a firms environment, ethics, and standards. Our job is to match these with a candidates goals, motivations, and values. We call this our “Placement Equation” and it is a key to our 15 years of quality, successful, and VALUABLE recruiting.

Our ultimate goal is to bring the right people together at the right time and to establish long term business partners along the way.

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