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Payroll-Flex Service

Matura Farrington Staffing Services can provide payroll services that give our clients access to flexible alternatives in the new hire process. As an addition to our traditional service line where we assume the recruiting function for direct-hire placement and temporary staff, we have created Payroll-Flex. Our new product provides payroll support functions for our clients who choose to recruit their own talent but want the cost savings and risk management benefits a staffing service can provide.

Our Payroll-Flex Service gives our clients the ability to recruit their own candidate then place them on our payroll program where we assume responsibility for payroll, taxes, and workers compensation costs. This program is ideal for a client who wants to create a probationary period to test the match of a candidate not currently employed. When a client is ready to hire their candidate from our program, they can convert the candidate to their payroll without any recruiting fees. If a client chooses not to hire their candidate, they have avoided costs associated with a termination such as state unemployment insurance claims and benefit obligations because the candidate was never their employee; they were employed by Matura Farrington Staffing Services.

Through our Payroll-Flex Service, our clients gain an effective tool in the new hire process that greatly reduces employment costs and risks. With our Payroll-Flex Service, you select the candidate and leave the hiring to us.

Payroll-Flex Services include:

  • Establishing, calculating, and paying wages and overtime
  • Withholding, remitting, and reporting on payroll taxes and charges for programs that a staffing firm is legislatively required to provide to the employee
  • Responsibility for workers’ compensation coverage and managing the administration of accidents resulting in injury
  • Maintaining personnel and payroll records
  • Obtaining and administering I-9 documentation
  • Hiring, orienting, counseling, disciplining, and discharging the employee
  • Exercising human resources (non-operational) supervision of the employee
  • Ensuring legally-required employment law disclosures are made to the employee
  • Responsibility for state unemployment benefit claims and associated costs

Payroll-Flex Services provides the same benefits that all Matura Farrington Staffing Services temporary employees are eligible to participate in:

  • Parking Reimbursement Program
  • Retention Bonus Program
  • Profit Sharing Plan
  • Holiday Pay

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