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Project Teams

Law firms, in-house legal departments, and corporations meet many challenges when clients or corporations themselves are faced with major events for any organization such as; major litigation, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other types of business transactions, and technology rollouts & conversions. Their ultimate success, both financially and operationally, depends heavily on the staff that is assigned to the daily tasks and responsibilities that affect deadlines, product quality, and reputations.

Project teams are a standard service at Matura Farrington Staffing Services. Whether you need 2 or a group trained professionals we will provide project administration as follows:

  • Dedicate an MFSS staff member to the account and project.
  • Consult with our client on strategic staffing options and implement.
  • Monitor feedback and evaluations from a client during and after the completion of a project to ensure the overall success of our services. The plan and feedback will be closely monitored throughout the project and modified, as required, by any changes in the projects objectives.
  • Manage all temporary employees regarding timecards, scheduling, employment issues, replacements, and general human resources functions.
  • Provide customized billing and reports designed for a clients specific needs.

Litigation & E-Discovery Project Team Support Services:


  • E-Discovery (ESI – Electronically Stored Information Discovery) & Hard-Copy management including document and privilege reviewers
  • Scanning and coding of discovery documents
  • Automated litigation support and database professionals for document management
  • Document production staff for indexing, organizing, reviewing and analyzing documents in electronic and hard-copy form
  • Deposition support staff including document organization, digesting and analysis
  • Large-scale copying and filing staff

Trial Support

  • Preparing trial subpoenas
  • Organizing and marking trial exhibits
  • Preparing graphs and demonstrative exhibits
  • Preparing trial notebooks and binders
  • Preparing and coordinating witness files
  • Attending trial

Transactional Project Team Support Services:

Corporate and Real Estate

  • Organizing, reviewing, and drafting various corporate and financial documents related to complex mergers, acquisitions, venture capital financings, initial public offerings – IPO and real estate transactions
  • Performing major due diligence requirements
  • Performing contract review and analysis
  • Reviewing and analyzing title and survey reports
  • Performing lease reviews and analysis
  • Assisting with transactional closings and the preparation of closing binders

Technology Conversions and Rollouts Services:

Desktop Support Technicians

  • Assembling and disassembling servers, monitors, hard drives and printers.

Technology and Application Trainers

  • Training office staff, attorneys and executives on new applications and technology in a one-on-one or classroom setting.

Word Processors and Administrative Staff

  • Providing coverage for staff during train formal training sessions.

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