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Service Overview

Providing the very best service is a primary reason why many of our clients have been with us for over ten years.  Many users of staffing services don’t know what happens at the staffing agency once an order has been given.  The following information is provided to help our new and existing clients know what happens “after” an order is placed:

Screening Process

General: Matura Farrington Staffing Services conducts screening and testing practices with our temporary and direct-hire candidates. Screening and testing enables us to better serve our clients by providing a detailed profile of each of our candidates along with quantitative measures of their skills. By verifying and evaluating an individual, we are able to provide our clients with the most qualified professionals.

Screening: Candidates that learn about us through our various recruiting sources are screened by one of our recruiters to determine if they possess the required skills and experience necessary to meet the needs of our clients. The individual’s work history, education, and skill set are considered and evaluated.  Additionally, we create a “wish list” which includes the candidate’s short and long-term goals, preferences and needs (competency and compatibility).

Employment Law Compliance: Candidates that wish to work as temporary employees through our Company complete an orientation and a full spectrum of employment forms and procedures that are essential policies required by both State and Federal Employment laws:

  • Application
  • Arbitration Agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreement (to assist in the protection of sensitive material encountered while on assignments)
  • Company Handbook
  • Rest & Meal Period Compliance
  • Reference Release Agreement
  • Anti-Harassment Video Participation
  • Safety Policy Compliance
  • Mandated State and Federal Pamphlets

Benefits for Temporary Employees

Matura Farrington is proud to offer a competitive and comprehensive benefits package to our eligible team of outstanding and temporary employees:

  • Health Benefits – Our plan, the Matura Farrington Health Plan (the “Plan”) meets the ACA requirements of minimum essential coverage.
  • Parking – we reimburse for daily parking expenses up to $6.00 per day.
  • Retention Bonus – our temporary employees are eligible for retention bonus of 40 hours of pay upon the completion of 1,500 hours of assignment employment within a 52-week period.
  • Profit Sharing – our temporary employees who work more than 1000 hours per year may be eligible for our plan.
  • Holiday Pay – We pay holiday pay for 6 major holidays. Employees are eligible when:
  • 1,200 assignment hours are accrued within the preceding 52 week period
  • Referral Bonus – We offer a $50.00 referral bonus for any candidates referred after the referral has completed 80 hours of temporary work through Matura Farrington Staffing Services.

Training of Temporary Candidates

  • Skill Set Development – Matura Farrington Staffing Services advocates the continuous development of skills. We encourage our temps to utilize our software tutorials as a means of increasing their marketability to our clients.  Tutorials are available for most software applications.

Background Check Requests

  • We perform background checks on our temporary employees at a client’s request. A customized screening program to meet a client needs will be developed with our human resources department.
  • We currently use Asurint as our source for comprehensive background investigations. Asurint has been selected for their adherence and commitment to compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Project Teams

  • Project teams are a standard service at Matura Farrington Staffing Services. Whether you need 1 or more trained professionals, we will dedicate a staff member to the account or project.
  • We will consult with our client on strategic staffing options.
  • A defined plan will be designed with the client and put into action.
  • Feedback and evaluations form a client during and after the completion of the project is critical to the overall success of our services. Therefore, both the plan and feedback will be closely monitored throughout the project and modified, as required, by any changes in the project’s objectives.


  • We can provide invoices to clients via email
  • At this time, we are not able to provide timecard submission via email.

Customized Billing

  • Matura Farrington Staffing Services utilizes an extensive management reporting system that can customize reports for its customers. We can provide detailed data reports regarding temporary usage and costs. These reports can categorize usage based on the name or number associated with a manager, department, case, client, and/or a purchase order. Many of our clients rely on these reports for budget planning and forecasting, and for year-end reconciliation.

Pay-rolling Services for Client Referred Temporary Employee

  • “Payrolling” is when the customer, not the staffing firm, recruits the worker but asks the staffing firm to hire the person and assign him or her to perform services for the customer.
  • Payrolling is a service that MFSS can provide at a discounted markup.  The specifics of the assignment and duties must address individually to determine a bill rate.



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