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Specialty Recruiting

Why you should work with a Specialist

In a world that is becoming increasingly more complex, fast, and technically demanding there are trends seen across almost every industry. One of these trends is specialization. It is now not enough to be a Jack of all Trades or a company that is good at a lot of different things. Companies are honing in on specific areas and becoming the expert in their field. Think about it-who would you go to if you needed to have brain surgery? The doctor who specializes in the brain, or your family doctor?

These same principles hold true for working with recruiters. As firms are becoming more demanding in their hiring criteria, it is increasingly important for a recruiter to develop a specialty within an industry to truly service a client at the highest level. In other words, specialty recruiters deliver true consultative recruiting services instead of the typical resume mill that comes from a generalist approach.

Since 1994, Matura Farrington Staffing Services has been working under the specialist approach to recruiting for these very reasons. We want to be thought of as more than recruiters; we want to be our clients recruiting consultants.

What is a specialist?

A specialist recruiter has selected an area of specialization within an industry. In the legal arena, a specialist will concentrate in one primary department and the positions within that department, i.e., accounting departments (clerks to controllers), or human resources (benefit coordinator, generalist, and directors).

What are the benefits of hiring a specialist?

Consultant vs. Recruiter

Specialists provide consultative services to their clients unlike generalist recruiters. Their depth of expertise allows them to share with their clients specifics about the candidate pool and trends within an industry. They can provide their clients with very specific information to increase their ability to compete more effectively for the best talent and gain more accepted job offer.

Quality of candidates

A specialist is the Whos Who in their niche which results in attracting the best talent in the marketplace. Therefore, they work with the very best candidates in a specialty, and also with the referrals that come from these top tier candidates (good people know good people!). These are the candidates that dont respond to job posting and internet job boards. They want a recruiter who has a thorough understanding of the challenges in their profession and who can be trusted for their industry knowledge about the specific environments of employers in their field. These are candidates that want a solid relationship with one recruiter who will work ethically and in their best interest.

Pre-screening and pre-qualifying candidates

A specialist has spent years working on similar positions within the same department. This level of concentration develops the recruiters knowledge of specific skills necessary to perform a job. They are able to go beyond a job description and identify the true level of expertise a candidate possesses. They know that a candidates ten years of experience does not always equate to substantive knowledge and that sometimes the candidate with three years of experience is functioning at a higher level. A specialists intuition has been keenly developed from repeating the screening and pre-qualifying process hundreds of times. This enables the recruiter to identify red flags and patterns that should disqualify a candidate early in the process before a client has wasted valuable interview time.

Quality of resumes submitted

Specialists dont waste time with possibility thinking they dont take square pegs and force them into round holes. Specialists know that clients have a set of specific requirements, so they work through a job order with their clients by discussing what skills are absolute requirements and which ones would be a plus. They help refine a search and focus on realistic expectations based on industry and competitor trends. The specialist then commits to the parameters of the agreed search and delivers only qualified candidates.

Response time and search results

All of the above results in meeting every clients main objective, to have an open job order filled within a reasonable time frame and with the right candidate period!

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