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Temporary Services

Temporary support has become an integral part of both law firms and corporations across the country to provide “on-demand” and low cost access to staff at all levels. The advantages of using temporary help are endless. The major benefits include cost reduction, the ability to downsize or ramp-up the existing work force, and limiting the legal and financial liability in the event of disciplinary action and/or dismissal. Using a temporary service to assist with daily changes in staffing such as vacations, sick leave, and general leave of absence can enhance the flexibility and responsiveness to the internal demands of a firm or company. A temporary service can also prove invaluable when major projects such as technology conversions, mergers, and major trials are looming, also known as ramping-up.

Whether a firms temporary needs are on an as needs basis, or the need to ramp-up is in order, our Company will dedicate a staff member to the account and projects. We will consult with a client on strategic staffing options. A defined plan will be designed with the client and put into action. It will be closely monitored throughout the project and modified as required by changes in the projects objectives. Feedback and evaluations from a client during and after the completion of the project is critical to the overall success of our services.

Employee retention is also a critical factor in establishing a successful temporary service agency. Our experience has taught us that employee motivation and satisfaction leads to a dedicated employee who will give their best for our clients. We are committed to providing benefits for eligible employees including holiday pay, parking reimbursements, and participation in our profit sharing plan. We have developed an extremely loyal following among our employees, and we are committed to providing them with the best representation in the industry!

Temp to Hire Services

Temp-to-Hire has increasingly become a popular and valuable way to find the ideal fit for an organization. It allows an employer a time period to accurately assess a candidates competency and compatibility, and how that employee assimilates into the work environment. Likewise, the employee can make the same observations of the employer and ascertain their own level of satisfaction with the management style and work ethic.

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