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Jessica Garcia

Jessica Garcia

Associate Recruiter – Legal Recruiting Services

Jessica Garcia joined Matura Farrington in October 2021 as a crucial part of expanding the Legal Support branch of the company. Her focus, genuine empathy, language skills and tenacity to achieve the best results have been an asset to her budding career as a recruiter. Her emphasis on helping create a net positive in the world by helping individuals achieve their career goals is what cements a solid relationship between clients and candidates.

Prior to joining The Matura Farrington team Jessica had a deep and extensive relationship with the art and museum world. She could be found within the walls of The Broad selling high end luxury prints and achieved consistent and generous sales. Before that she worked intimately at the Timken Museum of Art on day-to-day operations and utilized her skills in language and administration support on more extensive projects. A graduate of San Diego State University, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio arts and Japanese. On her days off she can be found painting, as well as visiting museums and galleries.

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